Probate & Estate Administration

When an individual passes who owns considerable assets, a formal grant must be acquired from court which allows for their estate to be collected and distributed between their beneficiaries. The term ‘probate’ describes both this grant and the way it is secured.

When a will is made, one or more people will be named as executor so the deceased’s intentions can be followed, it is the responsibility of the executor(s) of the will to obtain the Grant of Probate themselves. This process involves considering and assessing the range of the estate, completing tax returns and court applications, gathering assets, settling debts, and distributing the remaining estate. This may be incredibly time consuming for one individual, and many complications can arise that could seem daunting without the relevant legal knowledge. What’s more, as the executor of the will, you would be personally liable for any errors or incorrect distributions.

That’s where we come in. Our team of experienced probate solicitors can offer a tailored and efficient service to guide you through the process of obtaining this grant, giving you peace of mind in knowing your affairs are being dealt with by experts, hassle-free.

If the will does not name an executor, then a Probate and Estate Administrator will be brought in to take responsibility for that estate. Rozita Hussain Solicitors are able to act in this role if you do not wish to name an executor, and will efficiently identify assets and debts, and distribute the rest among your named beneficiaries.