Lasting Power of Attorney & Court of Protection

When family members or business partners are no longer capable of making important, every day decisions for themselves, it is imperative that their interests are protected. Power of Attorney and Court of Protection are put in place to help those who can no longer make their own decisions regarding money, business, property or health.

You may be reaching a stage in life when you’re having to make decisions on your future living arrangements, and wanting to review your will and succession plans. Alternatively, you may have elderly relatives who require help with their affairs, and you are unsure how best to assist them. Whatever your challenge, at Rozita Hussain Solicitors, we can help.

No matter your age or circumstance, it is important to have a Power of Attorney should the worst happen. Without these documents, it will not just be that your spouse or next of kin will be able to decide these matters on your behalf, and the default legal position may not be the best outcome for you. It is essential to ensure you have considered who you would want to step in for you should you become unable, and to take the relevant steps to have a Power of Attorney put in place.

With these issues and decisions in mind, Rozita Hussain Solicitors can assist you with everything from:

  • Managing another person’s affairs
  • Concerns with the capability of someone who manages your or another person’s affairs
  • Future concerns about your own ability to manage affairs

Rozita Hussain Solicitors are there for you at your convenience, and can help you navigate through any concerns or issues. We aim to establish this for you as quickly as is possible, and to make the whole process clear and straightforward for you and your family.